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Automation  has an unexpected upside and the rise of the robots might not be such a bad thing after all. As the steel-clad algorithms start eating our jobs it may in fact signal the end of meat machines and the rise of human beings.
To seize this opportunity requires a different approach to life and work. A new set of attitudes and behaviours will lead to the good life. This will no longer be about fitting in, conforming, and avoiding mistakes. Shaving down the rough edges of your personality just to fit the mould of the model citizen  (which millions did no matter what the psychological cost) may no longer be the way to win the rat race. Because that rat race is ending.
The future will be inherited by the people who are Anti-Nice. These are the people who recognise that nice, compliant, predictable, routinised and mistake-free behaviour no longer leads to the pension pot but to robo-job-armageddon. Now that the social contract which traded your individuality for job security is bust the new model behaviour can be traced in the lives of  artists, inventors and entrepreneurs.  They lead a more wholehearted life and if we play our cards right, automation will enable this for all of us.
It turns out that the age of the robots may also be the age of the human.
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The Sunday Times Number 1 bestseller.
It’s about how to think bigger and how this leads to living a bigger life which is focused on the right things.
It begins like this: “The most valuable thing in the world could be said not to exist. An idea has no substance. And yet it is the root of your personal contribution to the world, to your business, to your art, to your customer and to your happiness.
Your thoughts and ideas, which are the reason people want to employ you, buy from you and simply be with you are nothing more than the product of infinitesimally small electronic pulses.

Like the foam of a distant wave that crests and then melts back into the sea your thoughts are fleeting, beautiful and then gone…”
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Over 60 consecutive weeks in the number 1 spot at WHSmith in the UK and translated into 15 languages.
This is the manual for turning your SPIEL into something REAL. It’s about how to turn the dreams, the talk and those ephemeral ideas into something tangible.
It’s how to be able to look back on achievements  not feet about what mighta been! And like my other books it ain’t heavy. It’s a fun read that has inspired thousands to make change in their lives.


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