Columnist of the Year

There’s no way to say this without being a show off. Other than not to say it, of course. But no, that’s not happening because… I just won columnist of the year at the British Society of Magazine Editors annual shindig.

This just goes to show there’s life after startups. It’s called writing about life after startups.

Tim Hulse (editor at Business Life and the team at Cedar) must take some of the blame for this since I had a chat with Tim just after I returned to London from a Texas startup ( and promised him, like Yosser did: “I can do that”.

Yosser, was a legendary character in the 1980s TV show, The Boys from the Blackstuff. Desperate for work he’d say  “Giss a job” he’d say to anyone that would listen. “I can do that”.

And you never know til you try.



2015-11-16 22.09.30

“Giss a job. I can do that”