How Edward de Bono & outside-the-box thinking would have seized the Champions League trophy from Chelsea

Penalty Shootout at the G8

Edward De Bono, who I believe said, “Creativity is not about a colourful tie” turned  the concept of “thinking outside the box” into a phrase so well-worn, dog-eared and faded that it is almost meaningless.

The space “outside the box” is now as jammed as the Northern Line at rush hour.

Meanwhile “inside the box” there’s just a distant whistle in the wind as some tumbleweed rolls by and Lee Van Cleef picks his teeth waiting for a new idea to show up.

But that’s another story.

The thing is that De Bono has long been an advocate of creativity in business and life in general (as opposed to just inside MoMA and the Tate).

And he is regularly asked to demonstrate how creative thinking could/should be of interest/ value to the rest of us.

Which brings me to the point where I was bouncing up and down on the sofa on Saturday night. On this occasion I was celebrating the Super Blues victory in the Champions League penalty shoot-out.

As everyone who follows matters of world-stopping importance will surely know by now, the match had been won by a dogged defensive display from the Chelsea locals that ended in a draw after extra-time. Hence the penalty shootout. And ecstasy for Chelsea fans and pretty much no-one else.

Given how much people dislike the Chels this might be an opportune time to bring deBono’s ideas about penalty shoot-outs back to the table.

In his parallel universe,  there would be no shootout. Instead, every time a goalkeeper touched the football during the game his team would score a minus point. In the event of a tie the team who had scored the least minus points would win the match. This would encourage people to shoot at goal more often and disincentivise defensive play.

And, while I haven’t seen any stats yet, I’m sure that under the de Bono rules the people celebrating this morning would would have been  the fellas in lederhosen (and Spurs fans) not the Blues.

Maybe a Tottenham Hotspur fan has the stats at his or her fingertips.

In the meantime I’m watching the replay again.

Judging by this picture the premiers of Germany and France probably wont be…


(PS See?! World stopping importance)