How to make the right decision when you didn’t know you already knew the answer


Tsk! We return to the pesky brain and its annoying habit of thinking.

One of  the problems with thinking is that it gets in the way of decision-making.

Often enough you know the answer to a decision but your brain hasn’t realised.  And as you know, the more you think about some things, the more you find you can rationalise all sides of the argument. Great and thanks for nothing!

While your brain is reaching for  the aspirin, muttering: “Oh Lord – yet another riddle wrapped in a mystery inside  an enigma” …your gut feeling is saying: “The one on the left, mate”.

Your sub-conscious has a pretty good idea because it isn’t bothered by all the extraneous stuff of thought clouding its judgement.

Incidentally, Eeyore used to tell Winnie the Pooh that most other animals didn’t have brains, “just grey fluff that’s blown into their head by mistake”. Lucky them.

So how do you manage to listen to your gut feeling – your first instinct –  without your brain chirping up and getting in the way?










Well, let’s assume  you’re stranded like Dr. Dolittle’s Pushmi-Pullyu as you grapple with an agonising decision –  such as which piece of creative to use for your campaign, or something even harder like what to have for dinner  – then here’s what to do:

Toss a coin.

Let fate make the decision for you.

Be clear which result implies which decision. And once the coin has made the decision for you then instantly check your feelings for the rush of relief (that was the right decision) or the sinking feeling and impulse to make it the best of three (your gut instinct was the other decision).

That’s it.

Who said it had to be complicated?