Look what the postman brought!


I just received the first copy of the book – hot off the press!

…and I felt WHHAAAMM!

After all it was something I talked about a lot. And now I’m holding it.

If you haven’t “Liked” the facebook page at facebook.com/stoptalkingstartdoing then PLEASE DO!

For the next month there are Kindles to be won every week if you put your stoptalkingstartdoing commitment on the wall. And that’s not all.

If you do make a commitment to, let’s say stop talking about learning Spanish and actually doing it, then you are more likely to achieve your targets.  See here http://www.richard-newton.com/make-it-public.

Someone – an office worker not a pro-athlete, but someone who has cycled stages of the Tour de France and run marathons in half a dozen cities told me yesterday that he could NEVER commit to training and taking his preparations seriously until he had told his colleagues and friends about the next event. That made it real for him.

I haven’t yet said I will commit to doing an “etape” of the classic race yet. But I’m thinking about it…

I’m acutely aware that f I say I’m going to do it then  – after all this – it’s on. Yikes!

Here’s a few photos of the book acompanied by some of the original sketches: