Shrink the monster


“The Monster In Your Head” is the label given by Jerry Colonna (a highly successful venture capitalist and business coach) to the imaginary fears that stop people doing The Thing;

By this I mean the thing you really want todo; The Scratching of the Itch (to quit work, start a business, learn a new sport, move to a new country, etc.)

The Monster In Your Head is a smart and humorous label for the way we each block our own path by allowing our vivid-imaginations to conjure up worst case scenarios. It almost becomes a mind game – thinking of all the worst case, what-if, possibilities; like being a script writer for your personal disaster movie.

But, like imaginary conversations, it’s no good for you.

Instead of this, what you should be doing is taking a pad of paper and asking the question: “what’s really the worst that can happen?”

Rationally and calmly analysing the worst that can happen means actually writing down the things that can go wrong. The simple act of writing down and articulating these fears immediately makes them more smaller , realistic and more manageable.

You are then left with a totally different and manageable situation to the noise of un-examined fears that otherwise swirl and scream around your head.  And that allows you to plan how to mitigate the risk.

Examining the “worst that can happen” is to look the Monster in the Eye. And at that point you may realise the monster is not as scary as you thought.

Grab a pen. Shrink the monster.