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Stop Talking Start Doing :                                                    

A Kick In The Pants In Six Parts

The best-selling manual for turning your SPIEL into something REAL.

This is a book about making things change. It’s about moving from the passive to the active state where stuff happens and things change.

STSD was #1 business book at UK retailer WHSmith for 60 weeks and has been translated into 12 languages.

You can download a free chapter of the book here  Or see the slideshare below.

And if you’d like to buy the book here’s the link to the  Amazon page.

Like most things in life this book is not what I originally intended it to be. But having kicked the writing process into action and begun, well, it took on a life of its own. And as a result it’s hopefully better than the original idea. Such is life. Such happy things only happen if you get started on something.

Originally the book was intended specifically for people teetering on the brink of setting up their own first business and in need of a friendly shove in the right direction. But it changed.

The impetus needed to start a business is the same as anyone teetering on the brink of anything. So if this is you  then this is your kick in the pants. If you want to do something but secretly fear you’re never going to do it, whatever that might be, then this might help you:

  • Go to the Amazon
  • Throw yourself into retraining
  • Lose a dress size
  • Go back to school
  • Write a book
  • Ditch your partner
  • Take your company in a new direction
  • Create art
  • Learn to play polo
  • Seek the promotion you want
  • …OR set up your own business.

As a result it’s not written just for the entrepreneurial business person but for the entrepreneurial in spirit. The lessons, the advice, the nagging, the cartoons , the jokes, the exaggerations and the things that possibly never really happened … all these things apply to anyone trying to cross that bridge between their dreams and their reality.


The book was published by Capstone in November 2011. You can order it from Amazon here.

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