The autocue lesson

The guy was a real estate agent. Except he wasn’t.

“It’s just a temporary job”, he said. “I want to be an autocue operator”.

I put down my scotch. This was a career path never before encountered. In fact, autocue operator, was not even a job I had heard of.


Is autocue operator higher up the scale of coolness than working in real estate? Do they earn more? Is there a union? As a group do they control our minds? Is it about demand and supply – Are there more autocue needs than autocue operators?

*            *            *

The psychologist Abraham Maslow talked of the hierarchy of needs.

He explained that we had basic needs – to be fed and watered… then once these needs were satisfied we needed to be loved… and we needed to be respected by society… and then we seek self-esteem for who we are and what we do. And then if we can do all these things then we can strive to do what we love to do and, in so doing, be all that we can be.

And for some people this might be found making money from selling property, or finding someone the perfect home… while for others it could be the autocue. The autocue… damn. Pour me another.

And I really don’t want to sound like a preacher but the truth is that we all find it in different places. And the real trick is to know what it is you’re seeking. To know what’s making you itch. Like this guy did.

As the vicar used to say, and he too liked a sneaky whisky: Here endeth the lesson.


*      *      *      *      *      *

It strikes me, as an afterthought, that maybe I’m over-thinking this…. Maybe selling houses is just a terrible business these days.