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The End of Nice @ richard newton

…The unexpected upside of automation…

























An original, surprising and positive book. from The Sunday Times #1 bestselling author Richard Newton . The End of Nice reveals the unexpected upside of life in the age of the robots.

The steel-cased algorithms that are hurtling into our world at the speed of howling six-legged soldier robots herald something quite different from the doom of our species. In fact, he says, we are witnessing the end of meat machines and the rise of human beings. The result is that we are on the verge of a creative revolution.

As automation eats jobs, destroys and builds industries and professions at a dizzying pace a new set of qualities will lead to the good life.

All of a sudden creativity, compassion, empathy, curiosity emotional intelligence and playfulness will be the supreme human qualities. Such behaviour is deeply human and perhaps for this reason it is also the hardest for machines to replicate.

But we were trained for a world that prized the traits of conformity, predictability, tradition, normality, gradual change,order, doing the right thing and being, let’s face it, robotic. This we were told was how to fit in and be “one of us”. To do this was to be “nice”. But our big data-powered, socially frantic, instantly automated society no longer rewards such nice qualities. Today they line the path to economic meaninglessness.

To be future proof in a world of constant change we must adopt the liberated, Anti-Nice behaviours of artists, entrepreneurs and inventors. In a pacy and utterly engrossing read this book lays out the code to thrive in the machine age.

It turns out that the age of the robots may also be the age of the human.

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