The time to start is now




Here’s a little video based on some of the ideas in Part One of Stop Talking Start Doing.

It’s based on the idea that NOW is the best time to start something. Not having made a video for twenty years or so this was likely to be a bodge job. Luckily Jon Marsh saved the day with some great doodles. What’s new?!

To take a few lines from the book:


Life has a sting in the tail.

It’s shorter than we think.

And it races by while we’re working out what’s really important and what actually isn’t.

As time roars past our ears we drift deliberate, doubt and take ourselves too seriously yet all the while we talk about what we would, could and should do to make it better.

And then it’s gone.

So let’s walk the talk.

Because there’s never been a better time, or a more urgent time to start doing the things you want to do.

Let’s dance!

The first part of the book explores four reasons why you should start scratching your itch now.

This first video deals with the first of them; the simple fact that many of your (our) excuses are redundant because You Can.

And most of this is thanks to the Internet…