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The Little Book of Thinking Big @ richard newton

The Little Book of Thinking Big

The Sunday Times #1 Bestseller

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TLBTB is about getting the most out of life’s blink.

My first book, “Stop Talking Start Doing” was about making your dreams real. This one tackles a more fundamental question. Are you having the right dreams for you?

In this book we start at the beginning; The sparks inside your head. With the right thinking tools and the right approach you can release your inspiration and creativity, reset your ambition and direct your attention to the things that truly matter to you. And that can change your life.

The most valuable thing in the world could be said not to exist.

 An idea has no substance.

 And yet it is the root of your personal contribution to the world, to your business, to your art, to your customer and to your happiness.

Your thoughts and ideas, which are the reason people want to employ you, buy from you and simply be with you are nothing more than the product of infinitesimally small electronic pulses.

Like the foam of a distant wave that crests and then melts back into the sea your thoughts are fleeting, beautiful and then gone.

You can download a free chapter of the book here  Or see the slideshare below.

One of Fortune magazines “Books to help you think big…”

Get it here: Amazon US or Amazon UK  and all other stores here

“You came into this world bursting with wonder, imagination, curiosity, the urge to be creative and, as any crawling wanna-walk baby will show you, you were born with unflinching and boundless ambition.”

Now it’s time to rediscover that lust for life. I hope that this little and fun book helps to provoke and support you on that mission

“Today your unshackled imagination is the truest designer of your future.

The new certainty is that everything changes, anything is possible and whatever you can imagine is probably on the cusp of being made real tomorrow and obsolete soon after.

So fast is the world transforming that only if you think wildly and recklessly will you even keep up with what’s coming down the road. Merely to keep up you must overshoot like an archer aims ahead of a moving object.

To go further, if you want to seize control and shape your future the requirement is clearer still: You must cast your imagination yet wider and think even bigger.

Because the bottom line  is this, your imagination is now the limiting factor of your life. In the world of anything-is-possible the outer limits of thinking big are the barriers of your life.

Make them small and that is the life you will have. Throw them far and then never stop extending them and you shall never limit yourself.

You may not reach the ends of your imagination and ambition. But you will not go past it.”

Here are nine habits of mind, that will unshackle you from the busyness of life and all the noisy small staff . Inspired, you’ll demolish the barriers of narrow thinking, expand your frontiers, overshoot your current reality by a distance and never experience the dismay of “Massive Monday” again.

It’s a manual for discovering who you are, what you want , what you’re doing and where you’re going. Consider it a guide and a friend to help you think big and triumph over the doubts and inhibitions that imperceptibly grow around you as your “boundless ambition” bumps up against the rough edges and realities of life.


The Little Book of Thinking Big – Sampler from Richard Newton

The truth is, that like anything that can change your life, thinking big takes practice. And most people have skipped the habit for years.

Thinking big is all too often replaced by the narrow thinking that the pressures of every day life throws at us. These pressures are real and are not lightly dismissed. But the narrowness of thinking won’t change your world like your white horses of inspiration, insight and ambition.

People construct cages for themselves. An iron bar of self-doubt here, an iron bar of not-smart-enough here, the possibility of failure there, the approval of the crowd, money worries and so on. This is how you build it.

Maybe, as you climb inside you say: This is only for a while. I will run free as soon as I am done with these worries.

And time ticks. And as the minute hand whirls, the habits of thinking-your-life-bigger get lost by the relentless head-down tackling-of-tasks that must be dealt with.”

Here’s how to escape the  “cult of busyness”, learn the “life lessons from a sea squirt” and discover how to simply, just “notice things”. You’ll start to spot the baggage that narrows the vision of your life and then escape the “Sargasso Sea of the mind”.

“In the end this is about consciously and deliberately tweaking your attitude to fully achieve your  unique, here-for-one-lifetime-only, potential.”


Let your imagination flow, your ambition grow and your determination show.

Here’s where it starts. This is a reset button.  Push it.

Think bigger.


“Very cool. Fun, fast and furious: my kind of life and this is my kind of book!”

Kevin Roberts – Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi


“It pays to think big. This small book will set you on your way.”

Tim David – CEO BBC Worldwide


“Serious mind food that upsizes your thinking. A must read, but also a fun read: damn that Richard Newton!”

Robert Kelsey, bestselling author of What’s Stopping You? and Get Things Done


“Chock full of inspiration and advice to find your next big idea”

John Williams, bestselling author of Screw Work, Let’s Play


Get it here: Amazon US or Amazon UK  and all other stores here


Some images from the book

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