Waking up the morning crew at Live Tech

Sometimes you have to take your own medicine. As various sages have observed: wisdom is being able to take your own advice.
(If your advice is not so good then I guess that doesn’t apply)
In any event, in the survival manual for the age of automation – The End of Nice – the key instruction is that a change of attitude and behaviour is necessary. Without shifting your mindset to Anti-Nice you’ll struggle during the aacceleration to our emerging post-capitalist, roboworld.
So it was only appropriate that, having preached a change in behaviour, I had to do it myself . Specifically I had to break my lifelong commitment to late rising  in order to do a crack-of-dawn talk at the Barbican where I was opening the Livetech event.
I struggle with early mornings. I’m sure all the best people do.  I complained about the unfairness of it all in one of my BA Business Life columns. But you know what? It didn’t kill me and I think there’s even a secret benefit to public speaking that comes from fancying that all these people in front of you are really just a figment of your dreamworld.