Walking the drone



Some observations from a sunlit pub bench, while being buzzed by a drone:

“…This is London x 10. Londoners suspect anyone who is acting overtly different of trying too hard. It’s a city of bewildering individuality and yet if something about your bearing even whispers “Look at me” then no-one will. The harder you try to get attention the more invisible you become.

Silicon Roundabout amplifies this trend because it lies in the heart of so much creativity. Fashion, media, advertising, TV, films and the start up epicentre of Europe are clustered around an ugly little gyratory. No startups can afford rent – at least no startups that are actually _starting up_- so everyone is forced to clash and rub along together in co-working spaces and among the coffee shops that proliferate and multiply like bugs.”

This, of course, is my BA Business Life column for October:
BA Business Life October 2015