Being “verbed” shouldn’t be the ultimate goal










Looking up from the notepad during the always surprisingly protracted process of (re) naming new products/businesses I’ve noticed more and more people turn their gaze to the middle distance and quietly mutter to themselves.

God knows, I feel like that too, sometimes. But, it turns out, that they’re not cursing the heavens but they’re muttering the verb-isation of the latest name idea.

…Which is probably another example of too much thinking being a bad thing… or perhaps just a waste of time.

After all the verb only works if the product works. In other words the succesful product comes before the verb. Not the other way round.The inventor of photoshop, polaroid and the hoover never did the verb-isation chant (I suspect). They just made a great product. And the verb was the by-product of that.

First things first.